Although having a website is frequently described as simply uploading files to a server and linking a domain to them, in reality a whole set of services lies below any site you see on the web. A few examples would be the chance to create and handle databases or e mail addresses, to access your files using FTP, to check website visitor statistics and to control various domain records. Each of these things contributes to your online presence in one way or another and if any one of them is lacking or is hard to control, the overall management of your site may become frustrating. In this light, it is important to not only have full control of your Internet hosting space and domains, but also to be capable to manage them effortlessly.

Website Manager in Website Hosting

If you purchase any of our website hosting solutions, you'll get an advanced, though easy-to-use Website Manager tool, which is incorporated in the in-house created Hepsia CP. Not only is it simple to use even by individuals without any previous experience in this field, but it will furthermore provide you with full control over every aspect of your presence online. With only a couple of clicks, you'll be able to access each and every part of the Control Panel that is associated somehow to your websites. DNS records, WHOIS information, e mails, databases, FTP accounts, script applications - all these things could be managed via quick-access links which are fittingly put together in one place. We've also prepared a lot of helpful articles and video tutorials, which will offer you a far better understanding of all the features of the Website Manager.

Website Manager in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Because all our semi-dedicated server solutions include a highly effective Website Manager tool, you'll have complete control over all aspects of your online presence. At the same time, the tool is simple and intuitive enough to be used by rookies, so even if you're constructing your first Internet site, you shall not have any problems in handling everything efficiently. With one tool, you shall be able to handle every part of your presence online which is associated in some way to your site. For example, if a domain name is registered through our company, you can view and modify its WHOIS info, while if it is only hosted, you'll be able to update its DNS records. You can even install a script-driven application, set up an FTP or an e mail account, set up a new database or view statistics for any site. You shall find all these options in a single location and you will be able to access them with just a few mouse clicks inside the amazing Website Manager tool.